What Your Hairstyle Says About You


If you are in business, it is imperative to dress the part and make yourself as attractive as possible. Some people choose to do this with Botox treatments, while others pay more attention to their makeup and hairstyle. Certainly, if you have pronounced wrinkles, Botox can help smooth them away and give you a younger look. There are other ways to make the most of yourself and one of these is to ensure your hairstyle really suits the shape of your face.

Making the most of yourself may include using Botox injections to reduce facial wrinkles, but if you keep that tired old hairstyle, you still won’t look your best.

Once, a tight bun was all that was necessary for a woman’s hairstyle. Happily, those days are long gone and there are many attractive hairstyles – and colours – with which to ensure you look your best. Some women In business tend to neglect their hairstyle, or choose something unsuitable because it’s easy and quick to do. Few business women have hours to spend on doing their hair, but it’s still important to find a style that really suits you.

If you keep to the same old style, what does that say about you in business? It may indicate a person who is unwilling to change with the times and implement new strategies that could save a great deal in their business or make certain time consuming chores quicker.

Besides that, as a person grows older or changes their style of dress, the same old hairstyle often just doesn’t look any good. What younger people can get away with, a more mature business woman or man, would find very ageing.  A young style only serves to show up the difference in your face, thus making you look older. If you’ve gained weight in the face, you might want to reconsider that full, curly perm, which will make your face even rounder.

Not all hairdressers are stylists. Choose a hair stylist who has had plenty of experience in creating different looks. If you watch some of the popular talent or makeover shows on television, you’ll soon see how the right hairstyle can make such a great difference to your looks.  It can bring a fresh perspective to your life to know how much more with it your hairstyle is.

A great hairstyle balances the rest of your body shape, highlights your best features and ensures you look like the modern and successful businesswoman you are. Even adding highlights can lift your whole look and give it some glamour. This need not take up too much time or cost a lot, since you can usually add colour at home. However, for a great look, going to a new hair stylist could easily be the best thing you ever did for your hair.