Smartphone Consumers

How Digital Marketers Should Connect With Smartphone Consumers

With a rapidly growing population of mobile users (3.6 Billion) today, it becomes essential for businesses to create robust customer engagement; if they are to stay in the challenging market competition. Subsequently,  digital marketing professionals must adapt to the evolving consumer behaviour, who now consult their Smartphones and mobile devices before purchasing.

Google suggests marketers should consider new strategies to connect with consumers through different digital marketing channels to gain quality conversions. Mobile marketing plays a vital role for brand managers to meet their customers. A recent Google Analytics report indicates that smartphones help users make a decision, 57% of users visit a store, 39% of users will call a business to inquire, and 51% will create an online purchase.
With such positive figures, marketing professionals can connect with consumers by employing these four tactics:

Evaluate Your Brand’s Reach Beyond Mobile Sales

It is essential to consider all the available options to advertise and promote your products; when customers are searching for your brand/product reviews, prices and sizes on their smart devices. Google Adwords is the paid advertisement method that can put your digital marketing in full steam. This tool lets you determine the platforms that deeply influence your sales, whether shopping from the mobile app or in-store.