State By State Details Of Australian Landscaping Licenses

State By State Details Of Australian Landscaping Licenses

Whilst we are sure landscapers love to focus on the work they do in transforming the gardens and outdoor spaces of their clients, unfortunately, there are also administrative obligations that they must deal with. Some relate to health and safety, others to consumer law, and for landscapers based in Australia, they also need to ensure that they have the appropriate licences to carry out the work that they do.

This is especially the case when landscapers carry out structural landscaping where they may be constructing fences, ponds, and retaining walls. Where the difficulty comes is that there is not a one-size-fits-all licence across Australia. Instead, the licences that landscapers need will be issued by the respective state authorities where they are based as outlined below in alphabetical order.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT does not issue specific landscaping licences, but it does require that a business holds a Class D builders licence if carrying out building work. In addition, their Class D licence may be granted with endorsements permitting landscapers to construct structures not regarded as habitable such as pergolas and patios.