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Social Media: Know the New Developments in Business Usage

Social media is a term that justifies “change”. A latest facet surfaces every moment challenging the previous one. This keeps all business owners and digital agencies on their toes to look out for the upcoming social media trends. With constant knowledge upgrading there is the evident practice to learn about the new social media changes that would prove beneficial for business.

Listed below are 5 new social media advancement which when implemented can hugely profit businesses in 2016.

  1. Quicker Response to Customers

The social media development that tops the list is speeding up the response time. People/consumers when they reach out various brands using different social platforms such as twitter, facebook etc., they expect a quicker response. More than 50% expect to be responded within an hour failing which leads to consumer complaints.  Complaints, no matter how small, are always a scar for the business reputation. Be alert and respond to consumers faster with the all new and improved social listening and automation tools to beat your competitors. Keep up with the pace of changing social media to maintain and improve your online business presence.