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5 Website Design Mistakes by Small Businesses

Small businesses pay a lot of attention to their SEO marketing efforts, revenue generation and customers since they are usually serving niches and tend to focus on their core competencies a lot. Competing with giant organizations cost a lot to the small firms and they are prone to mistakes which the customers or potential customers may catch easily in whatever domain. Website design is one of the areas where the small businesses seem to be ignorant some of the time about certain aspects. Often lack of hefty initial capital leads to development of the business website by the organization’s own staff which might not be a professional team in this regard. Turns out, a website with a lot of design mistakes that could turn off the traffic. And since a small business needs a great deal of viewership at its site since that could be the only medium of communication before launching some campaigns, it hinders the growth of clientele.

Mistake # 1: Poor Choice of Colours

Colours and contrasts are not thought to be as a priority when listing common mistakes made by small businesses in web design, but it is one of the fundamental ones. Since visual appeal plays great role in attracting customers and viewers on the web, poor choice of colours or contrasts that speak otherwise of your vision and business philosophy might be the factor throwing off potential customers to competitors’ site. Fonts and graphic content also falls under this category.


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Profitable Ecommerce Blueprint – From Scratch To A Profitable Growth

What Is Online Business?

An online business, which is also referred to as e-business is the hue of business bustle that takes place over the Internet. There are a lot of things that are to be considered while starting some business online and especially if you are not some computer expert or haven’t started a business before.

You will start to hear terms such as SEO, eCommerce, responsive web design and many others that may confuse you at first, but here are some tips, which can prove a helpful starting point when starting an online business:

What Are The Main Tips Required?

Some of the beneficial tips for the business owners that are planning to start an online business are as follows:

Offer what people want: The owners should make sure that their business renders the customers what they want, and this can be started well if the owners make sure enough of selling the basic ones.

Positive cash flow: The owners should make sure that they run their business in such a way that it renders those cash as soon as possible. The owners can simply achieve this by increasing their profit rates while decreasing their disbursements. Lastly, they should keep in mind that all discount offers are not beneficial to their sales as some of them may even decrease their profit.


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Why is it Important to Use a High-Quality Hosting Service?

Online and internet based businesses are becoming more and more common in the modern world. The rise of the digital age has opened up countless opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial mind, and they are really only limited by their imaginations.

More people than ever own and run their own websites. Some of these are designed to generate a profit, while others are simply run as a hobby. A high-quality web hosting service is extremely important for maintaining the health of your website, no matter what its purpose is. There are many reasons why you need to use a high-quality hosting provider for your website, including:

Cheap servers may experience a lot of downtime:

If you own a business website or a site that is designed to generate a profit, then you want it to be online for as long as possible. Unfortunately, cheaper web hosting providers often cram way too many sites onto a single server, which often leads to the server crashing. This means that your site won’t be online for long periods at a time, and can negatively impact your traffic numbers in a big way. Higher quality hosting providers will do things properly, which means that your site will nearly always be accessible and that you won’t have trouble with too much downtime.


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Social Media: Know the New Developments in Business Usage

Social media is a term that justifies “change”. A latest facet surfaces every moment challenging the previous one. This keeps all business owners and digital agencies on their toes to look out for the upcoming social media trends. With constant knowledge upgrading there is the evident practice to learn about the new social media changes that would prove beneficial for business.

Listed below are 5 new social media advancement which when implemented can hugely profit businesses in 2016.

  1. Quicker Response to Customers

The social media development that tops the list is speeding up the response time. People/consumers when they reach out various brands using different social platforms such as twitter, facebook etc., they expect a quicker response. More than 50% expect to be responded within an hour failing which leads to consumer complaints.  Complaints, no matter how small, are always a scar for the business reputation. Be alert and respond to consumers faster with the all new and improved social listening and automation tools to beat your competitors. Keep up with the pace of changing social media to maintain and improve your online business presence.


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The New Way Of Approaching Online Customers

What is an online business?

Online business, commonly referred as e-business, is some sort of activity that happens online i.e. over the internet. Online business is very common these days as the world is evolving technically as well as intellectually. But one needs to follow a few rules and guidelines before starting any work on the internet especially for those who are new to this field. Few tips that are very useful while starting any online business are listed below:

What are the main tips required?

Few most helpful and valuable tips are explained briefly for the people who are going to keep their foot on the online market.

  1. Constructive cash flow:

People who own online sites or are owners of any e-commerce business should make sure that they are able to fetch cash as soon as possible. This can be easily possible by hiking the profit margins and reducing the disbursements.

  1. Propose what people desire:

One of the basic and profitable rules of any business is to offer people what they want. For this, the owner of the site or the business should conduct the market survey in order to know regarding the needs and desires of the people.


Social Media Networks

The Role Of Social Media Networks For A Successful E-Commerce

What is an online business?

Defining online business in the most simplistic manner is the e-business which is referred as the hue of business bustle that takes place over the Internet. There are various numbers of things that have to be considered while starting any sort of online business and especially if you are not some computer expert or haven’t started a business before. Some of the tips which prove to be beneficial while starting an online business are listed below:

What are the main tips required?

Some of the most advantageous tips for the business owners who are planning to start an online business are as listed below:

  1. Keeping the cash flow positive:

The owners of the e-commerce sites or any sort of online site should make sure that they run their business in a way that it starts rendering the cash as soon as possible. The owners can simply achieve the positive cash flow by increasing their profit rates and decreasing their disbursements.

  1. Testing and tracking everything:

The owners of the online business should keep a note of everything. When the owners start a new online business, they should especially track and test the advertisers, mainly. If the owners don’t keep a track of everything, there are chances that they might incur losses.


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What It Means To Have A Good Google Rank?

Getting onto the digital media just because everyone is on it doesn’t guarantee success for your business. You need to work on different strategies and keep in mind certain factors to be successful. One such factor that holds the key to success of businesses on the internet is ranking. Your website’s search engine ranking is what defines its success. If you want to get found by your customers, you need to focus on your Google ranking.

Let’s find out how Google ranking can change the fate of your business online.

Google Algorithm

Before we head into more details, you should understand how Google works and why your page rank matters. Google has a way of deciding ranking for different pages. It works on an algorithm to rank pages based on organic results. If a company wants to get a good Google rank, then it needs to follow its algorithm which has certain rules that are described briefly below:

  • Relevance – A website or webpage that is relevant to the search term used.
  • Inbound Links – Google rewards those websites that have several links to other source pages.
  • Content – The content needs to be valuable for the users.
  • User Experience – The web page should provide a good user experience.
  • Mobile-Friendly – The website should be responsive to make it compatible with different mobile devices.

By following Google’s algorithm, any business can be rewarded with a good rank.