Finding a Lawyer for your Business Finding an Attorney for your Business-min

There’s a common thought that business owners have. They think that they can deal with clients on legal issues and still not need a Lawyer; well, the truth is that this false belief can be a bane for them. So let’s talk about how to find Lawyers.

Where to look for a Lawyer?


Yes, this can be an easy method to find a Lawyer. All you have to do is ask your family members or friends. However, you have to be careful here. Your friends and relatives may suggest you an attorney who is not really specialised in these matters. Watch out for that, you don’t need an attorney who doesn’t know the tools of the trade.

Looking Up Online For a Lawyer

Here, if you decide to go on the internet to find a Lawyer, something like Upwork can be of great help. But beware! A fancy profile can be deceiving. Look up for an attorney who is in your state. Go to their LinkedIn profile and read more about them and also find out the reviews on them by other clients. You don’t want all of it to be a disappointment. It’s advisable to schedule a meeting with the chosen candidate before finally selecting them.

Avvo and Lawyers List are great sources to find lawyers too. All you have to do is ask a question here. If a lawyer from your region answers, you can view his or her profile, then you may decide on a meeting and if things go well, you have struck a deal.

Interviewing a Lawyer

Experience: Now experience matters. If your lawyer is little informed about your business, you will just be wasting some precious time. So make sure that you ask your attorney the questions related to your business and expect answers for the same. This will ensure that the person you have chosen knows and understands the work.

Understanding the Goals: This now is an important part. During the meeting, state your goals clearly and ask for the Lawyer’s view on the matter. This will help you to know and understand your Lawyer in a much better way and you can clear a lot of things ahead of time.

Time: Ask your attorney the time he or she will be taking to complete a given project. You have a business to run and you may want to maintain a schedule. Make sure that no one’s around to waste your time.

Asking Questions: Just like every other interview, ask them if they have any questions regarding this. The more interest they show, the better it is.

Future of the business: Ask them about their future plans on this business. You should state that the business may be seeing ups and downs in the future and if they will be willing to maintain a friendly relation in those times, times when you may actually need them. Nice relations are important!

Money: You may have a budget. Ask them their price.

Questing thyself: Ask yourself if you really like the attorney you just interviewed. If yes, then go for it; and if no, move on to the next one.