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Advice On Finding The Best Lawyer For Your Dental Practice

Advice On Finding The Best Lawyer For Your Dental Practice

There are many reasons why any dentist, including, might wish to retain the services of a lawyer. Some are positive, some negative, and some are run of the mill, but whatever the reasons, ensuring that you choose the correct lawyer to represent you is something which should be done with some thought.

Whilst all lawyers will have gone through the tried and tested route in terms of university and legal exams, not all operate in the same way, nor have the same success rate, and therefore it is not enough to simply assume they are going to provide you with more or less the same type and level of service.

As such it will pay dividends for you to take just a bit of time to think about which lawyer you are choosing as bear in mind this is someone who potentially might be in court someday, defending your business. As we said in the intro, there can be negative reasons for you needing a lawyer, such as being sued by a patient for malpractice, so do not make this decision lightly.

It is important to also remember that although you are the one paying a lawyer for their services, they are not there to simply roll over and agree to everything you ask or tell them to do.

Often it will your lawyer who has to tell you that what you wish to do is not possible, or that legally it would be the wrong move. Just as you often have to tell patients news about their treatment they might not like, the same applies to your lawyer when it comes to telling you something you might not want to hear about your legal matters.

This element of direct honesty and you being comfortable discussing matters relating to your dental practice business, and your professional conduct, even if you have done nothing wrong, is a key aspect of the client-lawyer relationship. This will be even stranger if the lawyer you choose is the right one.

One key piece of advice we would give is to start your search for a lawyer before you actually need one. The last thing you want is for some serious legal situation to arise which is urgent and requires legal representation, meaning you then have to run around frantically trying to find a lawyer, especially if the other party already has one in place.

The age-old strategy of asking those whom you trust, especially other dentists, as to a lawyer they could recommend to you, still stands today, so if you get any names from asking, then you should follow up with them.

A great way to assess the level of service a legal practice offers is to make a call with a general inquiry. The speed with which they answer the phone, and how well they deal with your inquiry will give you a measure of how well they treat clients.

Practical matters such as the location of their office and their fee structure will all need to be taken into account, but ultimately the best way to know whether a lawyer is right for you is to arrange an appointment with them. Here you can assess how confident you feel in their ability, how at ease you are talking with them, and whether you think this would be the correct lawyer to represent your dental practice.